Shatterpoint Rules Changes (01-06-23)

These are some exciting times. The day before the global release, rules are changed. Let's figure out what has changed!

Patrick - 6/1/2023

Shatterpoint hasn't been released yet and we are already seeing updates to the rules. AMG just tweeted that the rulebook got an update and that a FAQ & Errata document is now available. All of these documents can be found on the AMG Shatterpoint page if you want to check them out for yourself.

The new cover rule

This rule was teased in one of the latest AMG live streams. They found that cover was a little too easy to get as it would even be possible on a flat area. This didn't really make sense as there would be nothing to find cover behind. So let's take a look at what the new definition of cover is:


The cover rule is mostly the same, though with one key extra requirement. Your character's Unit now has to have a Hunker token. This indicates the character laying on the ground, setting up defenses for the upcoming attack, etc. AMG thought that this would work better thematically.


But this will surely have some impact while playing. Keep in mind that you also gain Cover [1] when you have a hunker token. So in most cases, you'll be having Cover [2].


So this will most likely increase the time to kill for most units except clones. Clones already run with a lot of hunker support, so they benefit most from this ruling.

Dooku buffed

This is an interesting change. The text on Dooku's ability "Surely You Can Do Better" was actually changed. The new text is as follows:


When a character in this Unit defends, during the Modify
Dice Rolls step, this Unit may spend 1-3 force to use this
ability. Change one hit result to a failure for each force spent.


So how does it compare to the old one?


Well, this seems to be mostly a timing change. In the original version, you would have to spend the force before the dice were rolled. Meaning that your ability could hit nothing, which would be very bad as you could be spending three force on it. With the new ruling, you spend the force after the dice have been rolled. This way, you know the results already and don't have to waste force on an ability that wouldn't do anything.


I think this is a good change, making the ability more useful instead of having to gamble on the amount of force required.

Additional changes

There were also some additional changes to the rulebook:


  • Updated rules language for the Strained condition.
  • Updated rules language for Ingress Points.
  • Added additional clarifications in rules for Push
    and Pull.
  • General typo fixes, as required.


These changes are very small and something you probably already took for granted.

There was also a small change to the mission card "Shifting Priorities". It added the following sentence to the end of the card:

After moving the Struggle token at the end of each
Turn, remove all Priority Objective tokens from Active

Making it so that the priority token actually changes position instead of slowing taking over the objective tokens.

And that was all for the rules changes. I hope this will help you for your next Shatterpoint match and happy playing!

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