Wrecker and Omega


At the start of this Unit's activation, one character in this Unit may . If it ends this movement within 1 of one or more enemy characters it may [push] one of those characters.


Action: One character in this Unit may make a attack.

I wasn't sneaking...

Choose an Active objective within 3 that you do not control and an enemy Unit that is contesting that objective. Roll 5 Attack Dice. The chosen Unit suffers for each [crit] and [hit] result in the roll. Then, if the chosen Unit was Wounded by this effect, gain an additional Momentum token.

The muscle of the batch

While this Unit is not Wounded, allied Bad Batch characters within 3 have Steadfast.

While this Unit is not Wounded, allied Clone Trooper characters within 3 and allied Scoundrel characters within 3 have Protection.

Squad points: 4

Force: 0

Unit Type: Secondary

Stamina: 10

Durability: 2


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