Stormtrooper Sergeant

Inexorable Advance

At the start of this Unit's activation, you may choose an allied Galactic Empire Supporting Unit. Each character in the chosen Unit may . Then, if any characters , the chosen Unit suffers .

Imperial Firepower

Choose an enemy character within 4 of two or more allied Galactic Empire characters. The chosen character gains or .

Coordinated Offensive

When a character in this Unit or another allied Stormtrooper character makes an attack as part of a combat action, before dice are rolled, this Unit may use this ability. Add 1 die to the attack roll for each allied Stormtrooper unit, other than the attacking Unit, that is within 5 and LOS of the target.

Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise

Characters in this Unit have Sharpshooter [1].

Squad points: 3

Force: 0

Unit Type: Secondary

Stamina: 9

Durability: 2


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