Sabine Wren, Spectre-5

My friends make the impossible possible

At the start of this Unit's activation, choose another allied Rebel Alliance character. The chosen character may . Then, if the chosen character is Spectre, it may gain .

I'm gonna go add some fireworks to the celebration

One character in this Unit may choose an objective within 4 and roll 5 Attack Dice. Each Unit within 2 of that objective suffers for each [expertise] result in the roll. Then one character in this Unit may .

I forged this armor with my family

After this Unit makes a move action, it may use this ability. If a character in this Unit is within 2 of another allied Mandalorian character or another allied Spectre character, this Unit immediately makes a focus action.

Daughter of Mandalore

Characters in this Unit have Protection and Sharpshooter [2]. Additionally, When a character in this Unit would , , or, , it may instead .

Squad points: 4

Force: 0

Unit Type: Secondary

Stamina: 8

Durability: 2


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