Padawan Ahsoka Tano

Race Ya

At the start of this Unit's activation, choose an allied Galactic Republic Primary Unit or an allied Jedi Primary Unit. One character in the chosen Unit may .

She is Fearless

Each character in this Unit may . This Unit may use this ability two times during its activation instead of the normal one.


After a attack targeting a character in this Unit is resolved, it may use this ability. If the attack roll contained one or more results, the attacking Unit suffers .

Getting ahead of yourself again, Snips

After an allied Galactic Republic Supporting Unit within 3 makes a combat action, this Unit may use this ability. One character in this Unit may , then may make a 5 dice attack targeting one of the same enemy characters within and LOS.

Squad points: 4

Force: 0

Unit Type: Secondary

Stamina: 8

Durability: 2


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