Lord Maul

Force Speed

Each character in this Unit may .

There is no place to run

Choose a character in this Unit and an enemy character within 3 of that character. Pull the chosen enemy character 2 toward the chosen allied character. Then the chosen enemy character gains .

Revenge, I must have revenge

When this Unit is wounded by a attack, after the attack is resolved, one character in this Unit may immediately and make a 5 dice attack targeting the character that wounded it.

Sustained by rage

While this unit is not wounded, when it would spend to use an ability, it may suffer equal to the cost of the ability instead.

For every 3 this Unit has, characters in this Unit add 1 die to their attack rolls. For each Injured token this unit has, characters in this Unit add 3 dice to their attack rolls.

Squad points: 8

Force: 3

Unit Type: Primary

Stamina: 11

Durability: 2


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