Jedi Master Mace Windu

Rush to Action

At the start of this Unit's Activation, choose another allied Galactic Republic Unit. Each character in this Unit and each character in the chosen Unit may .

Tempered Agression

When a character in this Unit makes an attack, after all Attack Dice and Defense Dice have been rolled, this Unit may spend any number of to use this ability. Reroll one results in the attack roll for each spent.


When this Unit is chosen to activate with a Shatterpoint Card, if its Active Stance is Form VII Vaapad, it immediately makes a focus action and characters in this Unit have Impact [2] until the end of the Turn. If its Active Stance is Jedi Master, refresh and one character in this Unit may .

This party's over

While a character in this Unit is engaged, allied Galactic Republic characters within 5 have Steadfast and Protection.

Squad points: 6

Force: 4

Unit Type: Primary

Stamina: 11

Durability: 3


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