Grand Inquisitor, Fallen Jedi

You know who we are

At the start of this Unit's Activation, choose an allied Inquisitorius Secondary character or an allied Inquisitorius Supporting character. One character in this Unit and the chosen character may .

Secrets uncovered

Choose an Active objective within 5 that is controlled by an opposing player. Remove the opposing player's Control token from the chosen objective.

The temple records are quite complete

When a character in this Unit is targeted with a attack by an enemy Force User character, this Unit may use this ability. This Unit may flip its Stance Card and the defender adds 2 dice to the defense roll.

Clearly, you were a poor student

When an allied Inquisitorius character Wounds an enemy Unit, after the effect is resolved, one allied Inquisitorius character may . Then, if the Wounded Unit was a Force User, refresh .

Squad points: 8

Force: 3

Unit Type: Primary

Stamina: 9

Durability: 3


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