Gideon Hask, Inferno Squad

Long Live the Empire

Choose an Active objective and an allied Galactic Empire Supporting Unit. One character in the chosen Unit may Toward that objective. Then the chosen Unit suffers . If this effect Wounds the chosen Unit, that Unit may remove one Wounded token, all , and one condition from itself. If it does, that Unit gains an Injured token.

Covert Operations

Each character in this Unit may . If one or more characters end this movement within 4 of an enemy character, this Unit immediately makes a focus action and characters in this Unit have Sharpshooter [1] until the end of the Turn.

May we live up to our name

When this Unit is Wounded by an attack, after the effect is resolved, one character in this Unit may immediately and make a 5 dice attack targeting the character that Wounded it.

Defiance will be the death of you

When an allied Galactic Empire character makes an attack as part of a combat action, if the target is within 5 of one or more other allied Galactic Empire Scout characters, it adds [hit] to the attack roll.

Squad points: 4

Force: 0

Unit Type: Secondary

Stamina: 8

Durability: 2


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