Clone Sergeant Hunter

We prefer going to them

At the start of this Unit's activation, choose another allied Clone Trooper Unit. One character in the chosen Unit may . If the chosen Unit is Bad Batch, that character may instead .

Striking distance

One character in this Unit may and then may make a 5 dice attack.

Enhanced tracker

When an enemy Primary Unit makes a move action, after all moves have been resolved, this Unit may use this ability. One character in this Unit may Toward a character in that enemy Unit.

It's hard to compete with a Jedi

When a character in this Unit defends against an attack, it may reroll up to two of its results. If this Unit has [exposed], it may instead reroll all its .

The leader of the batch

When an allied Clone Trooper character makes an attack as part of a combat action, it may change one result to a [hit]. If the character is Bad Batch, it may instead change one result to a [hit] or [expertise].

Squad points: 8

Force: 3

Unit Type: Primary

Stamina: 9

Durability: 3


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